Sports Vision Training can build, strengthen & enhance vision to reach your absolute peak athletic performance!

Did you know?

  • There is more to athleticism than power and speed.
  • Vision is the pathway to the brain.
  • Developing sensory skills complement the physical skills.

Geared, personalized and tailored for a variety of different sports:
Baseball • Hockey • Football • Basketball • Tennis • Golf • Soccer • plus many others!

STROBOSCOPIC Training Module

Perform activities effectively with a fraction of your normal vision information while wearing Senaptec Strobe Glasses.

How it works
Senaptec Strobe glasses generate a “strobe-like” light which causes interruptions in the athlete’s vision creating a situation where the athlete has to perform the activity with less visual information. This activity can be incorporated into many sport drills and exercises.

Professional athletes like Steph Curry and Mets baseball players have used stroboscopic training and have publicized the benefits making this method popular and much more well-known.

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